Apr 09

Book: Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

If you haven’t read James Wesley Rawles book, Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the coming Collapse, let me suggest that you get two copies immediately. Read and keep one for yourself, and give the other one to a friend.

Apparently the book has been out in various editions and forms for a long time. I purchased my copy about two months ago and read the whole thing in three days. A new edition has just been released and it is cheaper than mine was.

The book is a survival manual disguised as a novel. As a writer I have to say Rawles isn’t bad. The book is choppy in some places and has been criticized for having long discourses about “mundane” things like the unique function of a particular firearm. You may not appreciate all of that stuff, but it may be easier to take your medicine when you remind yourself that it is education in the form of a story.

Many will not agree with all that Rawles says or the positions he has the characters take, but I think most people will have to admit that it is a very worthwhile read.

As a God fearing Christian (and Pastor) I appreciated the clean language in the book. It was also void of any inappropriate sexual discussion. A rare and worthy plus in my book.


  1. nitewalker

    Pat, you are very right it is a great book. I own two copies of the first and haven’t seen either for 6mons now. Maybe I should just buy a new one and not tell anyone. I would recommend it to everyone as an outstanding read.

  2. PH

    Hi nitewalker. I have to say, reading this book was in many ways a turning point for me. It confirmed all the things I had been thinking and reinforced my prepping. It really as a manual for survival.

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