Mar 26

Prepper meetup groups in Pennsylvania


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  1. Jeanne

    Anyone else from the Lancaster area? Specifically I’m in Manheim Township. I tend to go east in things since I’m originally from Coatesville.

    1. Easterly

      Around west chester pa.

      1. bill read

        Dear Posting Respondants…

        C’mon out to the Meet & Greet tomorrow (2 PM)… meet some like-minded folks!

        Bill Read

      2. T

        West Chester area here

      3. T


    2. Bob

      I’m in Lebanon and new to this. Would like to find a community of preppers to work with.

      1. Bob

        South Lebanon area… metalman88@hotmail.com. Barely a beginner but very interested. Even if I don’t
        get a massive bunker built,I’d still like to locate some land to go camping on. :)

        1. bill read

          C’mon out to the meeting tomorrow, Bob… meet some like-minded folks!

    3. Ryan

      I’m from Manheim Township. I’m a beginner prepper. I’ve been working on laying a foundation of supplies for my family in case of disaster/collapse.

      1. bill read

        Hello, Ryan…

        You’re about an hour from us. Yes, definitely- and we’re having our first gig tomorrow! C’mon out to the Meet & Greet tomorrow [2 PM]… meet some like-minded folks! 7 Maple Street, Seven Valleys, PA. [in old elementary school building]

        Bill Read

      2. Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman

        Sorry for the delay in responding. Life has thrown us a few curveballs lately. Been doing more recovery than planning unfortunately. I used to be involved with Emergency Management down Quarryville but as PIO so a lot is still new to me as well. Learning as we go!

        1. Ryan

          I’m still around. Just laying low and trying to build a store of supplies for all eventualities. I never feel like we’re ready…

  2. CherB

    I am near Allentown (Lehighton) PA I only been here a short while but getting to know the area. Nice to see someone else posting on the group.

  3. harleydave

    any body in the northeast area of pa prepareing for the things that are comming?

  4. Bruce

    Perkasie, PA…anyone near me?

  5. Preppers and Bunkers

    Im sure its a long shot… but are there any preppers from the State College area? I am having trouble finding fellow preppers and it would be great to meet people I could prep with. Let me know :)

  6. DocP

    hello all looking for emercency preparedness persons in cenral to eastern pa,i am in york county

    1. bill read

      Hello, Doc…

      Yes, definitely- and we’re having our first gig tomorrow! C’mon out to the Meet & Greet tomorrow [2 PM]… meet some like-minded folks! 7 Maple Street, Seven Valleys, PA. [in old elementary school building]

      Bill Read

    2. bill read

      Hello, Doc- Bill Read here, Since you’re in York Co. why not join us on March 10? Details in my next post, Call me if you like 7one7, 88zero, 664one

  7. Trevor

    I live in Delaware Co.Pa. Is there anyone that lives close by?Are there any local meetings?

  8. Matt

    Is there anyone out there in the York area?

    1. bill read

      Hello, Matt!

      Yes, definitely- and we’re having our first gig tomorrow! C’mon out to the Meet & Greet tomorrow… meet some like-minded folks! 7 Maple Street, Seven Valleys, PA. [in old elementary school building]

      Bill Read

  9. Bob

    Would like to reply to both posts we live just east of Elizabethtown, was born in weisport grew up in slating ton I can be reached at legalaid1@live.com

  10. bill read

    Central PA meet & Greet… 50 min from Lancaster, 2 hours from Allentown

    Sunday, Feb. 10 at 2 PM

    Dear Fellow Preppers:
    It looks like Sunday, February 10 at 2 PM is a go for everybody. I anticipate an overview of purpose and discussion of future meetings and speakers, etc. We have 10 people committed to attend thus far.

    I will supply the coffee and DRE’s (doughnuts ready to eat, lol). I figure we’ll go about 90 min.

    I am depending on you to get the word out to your networks; everyone welcome!

    The meeting will be held at the former Seven Valleys Elementary School (now owned by Liberty Fellowship Church). The physical address for MapQuest and GPS purposes is:
    7 Maple Street
    Seven Valleys, PA. 17360
    (corner of Maple & Main St.)
    If weather becomes an issue (or if you have other questions) please call my cell phone.

    With Anticipation,
    Bill Read

  11. ReadyMom

    [i][color=#800040]Oke,so sorry about the hour,but I’ve been consumed by a family emergency and lost an entire week of my time for anything other than that event. Below is the ‘Official’ invite for the Central PA Prep Event. I hope to meet many of you. If you are planning to attend, please use THIS THREAD to respond. There will be a lunch served and I need an approximate number for that.

    [u]NOTE:[/u] For those who had expressed an offer to contribute something for food, bringing a small dessert type item for lunch would be a great help. I’ll be providing coffee/tea for the AM and lunch/beverage for the lunch break.-k[/color][/i]

    [list][list][list][list][attachment=0]PrepEventGraphic.PNG[/attachment][color=#BF0000][size=200]Is Your Family Prepared?[/size][/color]
    [color=#BF0000][size=150]EMERGENCY HOME PREPAREDNESS EVENT[/size][/color][/list][/list][/list][/list]

    [size=150]WHEN:[/size] Saturday, February 23, 2013
    [size=150]WHERE: [/size] New Cumberland Fire House
    319 4th Street, New Cumberland PA 17070

    [size=150]TIME:[/size] 9am – 3 or 4pm

    $10/person Donation-At the Door (*minimum) (for meeting room & luncheon/beverages)

    [size=150]Program Includes:[/size]

    9AM-12PM: Key note speakers, including:

    [b]Introduction to Emergency Home Preparation[/b] (Why Prepare? How to Start)
    [u]ReadyMom:[/u] Community activist for emergency home preparedness for over 6 years, attended national, state & local emergency preparedness events, Co-Founder ‘Get Pandemic Ready’ website.

    [b]The Need to Prepare[/b] (Keynote Address)
    [u]Cynthia Ayers: [/u]Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. Prior to accepting the Task Force position, previous Vice President of EMPact Amercia, retired from the National Security Agency after over 38 years of federal service-a period that included 8 years at the U.S. Army War College’s Center for Strategic Leadership. Professor Ayers is well versed in Sharia Law and radical Jihadist ideology.

    12PM – 1PM: Lunch Break & Prepper Networking

    1PM – 3 or 4 pm : Preparedness presentations/discussions (Ending time flexible to allow for questions/discussion)

    [i]“As responsible citizens we can’t sit back and expect government agencies to provide for our every need,
    when we are capable of taking a few small steps to care for ourselves.”
    [size=85] Department of Emergency Management, Cowlitz County, Washington May 17, 2011[/size][/i][/list][/list]

  12. bill read

    What: Central PAPrepper Network [CPPN] Monthly Meeting

    Where: SevenValleys Elementary School
    7 Maple Street, Seven Valleys, PA. 17360

    When: Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 2 PM – 3:30 PM

    Purpose: To meet, network and prepare with like-minded individuals


    This month’s meeting will include a meet & greet, organizational and publicity matters and a special presentation on firearms.SRE’s [snacks ready to eat] will be provided.

    Contact/Information: Bill Read 717-880-6641

    Reminder: Obtain a Utah Gun Conceal/Carry permit at Stewartstown Fire Hall.
    Sunday, March 3, 1-5 PM. $150. Registration required… call Bill Read at 717-880-6641

  13. bill read

    Just wondering how I can get our group on the map at the top of the page?!

  14. Ash

    Looking for people prepping near Lancaster. I’m injured right now, but healing up quickly and wanting get my preps going.

  15. Mel

    Hello all!
    Our family is 1yr new to this. We are from Reading. We don’t openly discuss things because no one around us thinks the same. We are looking to open up others for support so that we may speak freely without ridicule. Is anyone aware of other groups in or near Reading? Thank you.

  16. ednursie101

    I’m an hour north of harrisburg.anyone near here?ashland-shamokin-sunbury-danville area.

  17. Stonewall


    Will there be any more meetings in Seven Valleys? I am only about ten minutes away and would like to attend

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