Apr 12

Step 2

by CCCooper

OK, you are past the point of needing to be urged to prep. You have made the decision to accept the realities and inevitabilities of what is coming down the road. You have started w/ a buying plan for additional foodstuffs, water, and some first aid items. You have a gun (or 3 or 4) and some ammo. You understand the concept of OpSec.

(Deep Breath)

What do you do now?

I believe that mental preparedness MUST come with physical preparedness. You can’t do this half way and succeed. What you can do, is write down your goals and objectives and come up with a plan that allows you to prep within your means and reach your goals in a suitable time frame.

Now, what are some worthy goals?
Food. 3 weeks of food for 4 people. 3 weeks of water for 4 people. Calculate 2 meals per day per person and 1 gallon of water per person per day. For food, consider easily prepared items. Canned goods, pastas, ramen, food bars, energy bars, soups, etc.

Information- If you have access to a printer, internet research is invaluable. The list of topics is almost endless.
Food Storage, Long Term Storage Foods, Survival Web Sites, Prepper Web Sites, Amazon, EBay, Water Purifiers, Water Storage, canning, preserving, dehydrating, jerky, gorp, granola, Grain Mills, Hard red or White Wheat, Heirloom Seeds, Military Surplus, Military Field Manuals, MREs, Candles, Fire Starters, Outdoor Cooking, Wood Stoves, Bug Out Bags, Get Out Of Dodge, TEOTWAWKI, Bunkers, Shelters, CBRN, NBC, Weather Radios, Nuke Alert/Rad Detectors, Water Filters, Big Berkey, field expedient anything, knives, axes, hatchets, Para Cord/550 Cord, 100 MPH Tape, Main Battle Rifle, OpSec, Boy Scout handbook, Boston’s Gun bible, PAW Fiction, any of the Foxfire Books,etc, etc.

OK, you get the idea. So much information is out there. Print what is important to you. Print what you don’t already know. Print to give to others and for posterity.

Self-Evaluation. Be honest. Be brutally honest. Have a loved one be brutally honest. Physical condition, mental acuity, current knowledge, current skills, obvious faults or shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses. Develop a plan to make yourself a better person; more valuable to you and your family than you are now.

OK, enough to take a breath and dive right in, RIGHT?


  1. Cherrie M

    I am looking forward to making some connection with preppers in PA. I am currently staying in Lehighton and though new to PA I wish to get to know more people with like minded plans and ideas. My email is Cherswares2001@yahoo.com if you like to send me a note. I would like to make some connections. Cher

    1. gregg

      well am not sure when the world GIONG to come a part but for the pope giong to quit and a lighting blot
      hiting his house i would say gods pissed lolo THATS A PRETTY good sign somethings coming storms
      i live hear in pa just me and my wife and thank god i left new york but i have a mountain next to my house and i been trying to stock up a little am just seeing what hapens and i will not give up my home and my
      good friend only 10 mins from me and he has a nice horse farm and land and i study most of my life

      kung fu for over 20 years in all and i can teach but i wont because my style is a very aggsive art called hung-gar and over 7 styles till i got very sick from world trade center and i am certify from schools in china town ny
      and my wife can shoot well so am just trying to live in peace but my health is not well but ican put stuff that
      i need in a hurry if i have to or pushed your not far from us its very hard to trust anyone and i have 2 very big dogs 1 125 the other i hope she will make another year and i wont leave them so am not runing if god
      wants me he knows were i live and i dont drink or do drungs just my meds and thats just the very hard 1 for me and my wife has seizures so you guys might not want people that are not well but if you need food or gas
      or if you were hurt your welcome

  2. gregg

    help I WORKED at ground zero for 11 months i been seeing whats been happening and me and my wife
    are both sick but am giong to try to keep her giong as long as i can i been stocking up but its been very hard to get her to see what i see and now i think shes seeing the writeing on the wall i live hear in pa so am not really
    to worryed i have things i can grow and its just the 2 of us and i been geting gas cans gen switched my home to pro pane and i am well stocked on takeing care of keeping us safe are meds thats the hard one she has secuires sorry spelling is bad i have 2 big dogs and am from ny and i was teaching hung gar kung fu in china town ny. and i have np puting my self in harms way for other people and have met some really great people hear my wife says god has not droped us yet but i thinking god is pissed lol yesterday i went in to ny for my world trade center doctors for my meds but my lungs are pretty bad stomack cancer by law i can olnly have a 90 refill and have some failly hear and a very good friend that i been teaching his kids how to ride horses but
    if there is some of you hear could you please tell me what more i need to do i been geting as many caned goods as i can and seeds for plants ihave 55 gallons of water and springs and water table hear very good
    ammo i been stocking up now am trying to find a amry navey store for water pure fier so sorry about my spelling but can any of you tell me what more i should get i just dont want to be stuck with alot of stuff if nothing happens that at least i can give it to the poor and my dogs am trying to ,there food off the ground so it dont go bad and 1 more thing can any of you tell me were i can find a amry navey store am off of 78 exit 23 thank you

    all for haveing a site like this and god bless you all o by the way to day on cnn a metor hit the back of the moon i saw it at 730 am wake up

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